TEA TREE LOTION $38 A superior, light after wax lotion designed to cool and soothe the skin after waxing.Contains Tea Tree Oil known for its antiseptic qualities and Camphor can be used to relieve skin irritation and itchiness.

INGROWN HAIR TREATMENT SPRAY $35  A unique formula to treat and prevent ingrowing hairs and razor burns. Contains conditioning ingredients to soothe and repair the skin

INGROWN HAIR ROLL-ON $12  Treats and prevents ingrown hairs in the most delicate areas including the underarms, bikini line area or the beard. Its roll-on design makes it ideal for applying to hard-to-reach areas.

DEPIL HAIR REDUCTION BODY MILK $48  Uses natural enzyme action technology to progressively delay natural hair regrowth after epilation.Regular use will extend the interval between epilation sessions and will make regrowing hair lighter and finer while inhibiting in-grown hair. For best results, use in conjunction with waxing, laser hair removal, tweezing, shaving, sugaring or electrolysis. Results can vary with individual skin types.Mineral oil, Sulphate and Paraben free.

FRESH COCONUT SCRUB $13  Fresh coconut gently exfoliate dry & sensitive skin. Specially for underarms and Brazilian area. Coconut Oil moisture & nourishes the skin

Feminine Products

RELOVE ANTI BACTERIAL SPRAY $38 (REFILL $28)  L-arginine feminine Hygiene deodorant spray has remarkable effect of reducing odour and itch feeling of feminine private. Consist of special anti-bacteria ingredient to reduce the effect of feminine secretion. Mint extract is added to provide cooling and soothing effect in Southeast Asia Hot weather.

RELOVE TIGHTENING GEL $88 (TRIAL SIZE $48)  Intimate area serum to improve skin firmness around vulva area. Improve blood circulation to promote cell turnover. Consist of low molecular hyaluronic acid to moisturise & brighten skin

RELOVE AMINO ACID CLEANSER $38  Low acid PH 3.8 was helps Inhibit harmful bacteria, keep beneficial bacteria.Effective in avoid itchiness, odour and stuffiness

RELOVE ANTI BACTERIAL Lingerie Hand Washing Liquid $19  Contain special natural ingredients to remove all kinds of dirt, bacteria, blood and secretions.  Antibacterial molecules in the cleaning process will not be washed away by water molecules. With antimicrobial protection film layer, effectively suppressing the occurrence of diseases of women.

GREEN PHARMACY FEMININE CLEANSING GEL  $18  Strengthens the proper bacterial microflora, helps maintain its natural, physiological balance. Soothes irritations, calms  itching and burning. It leaves a feeling of comfort and freshness.

INTIMATE ROSEHIP SHEET MASK $20  A soothing and moisturizing mask designed for post-Brazilian waxing.  This mask helps to repair newly-waxed skin, tightens and brightens the skin..

FEMININE WHITENING CREAM $52  With a mixture of pearl powder, Tranexamic Acid and natural plant extracts this feminine intimate area whitening cream can treat darkening skin for brighter-looking & improved skin tone.


Salt of the earth Deodarant $18Long-lasting and effective protection from body odour, without the use of synthetic chemicals often found in traditional antiperspirants. Free from aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol, parabens and triclosanUnlike traditional antiperspirants, which block the skin’s pores and impede the body’s natural sweat production process, Salt of the Earth won’t block your pores, instead it works by leaving a thin layer of natural mineral salts on your skin, which inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria.Comprising 100% natural ingredients, including natural botanical extracts and oils, mineral salts and organic Aloe Vera, Salt of the Earth is kind to skin, allowing your body to function naturally, while protecting you from body-odour.What’s more, Salt of the Earth deodorants are kind on clothing and won’t leave any embarrassing white marks!

DEPILBRIGHT whitening roll on SERUM $20  Body serum made from anti-pigment active ingredients of plant origin including Gatuline Spot Light, poppy seed oil and Citrus Unshiu extract. Its special texture means it is absorbed easily by the skin, reaching the deepest layers thanks to the subsequent use of Cerazyme Depilbright wax.Reduces pigmentation on both the surface and innermost layers of the skin, blending its uneven tone. It hydrates and nourishes the skin deep and restructures the epidermis.

Feminine Products