Blush is a beauty salon,established since 2008 that delivers professional hair removal services.

We take pride in offering you quality services and professional advices by ensuring that your treatments are being performed by highly qualified and experienced therapists in the highest industry standards.

Clients will be able to start unwinding by indulging in the aroma of our scented wax and enjoy watching movie while being treated.


Professionalism, reliability and effectiveness - we promote this harmonious triad with all our expertise and experience.

To orient ourselves to the current needs of beauty conscious people and their desire for beauty and well-being. 

Blush's promise is to assure the client a pleasant atmosphere and spacious well-equipped treatment rooms for a pleasant stay. We offer the highest quality treatments at reasonable prices.

Hygiene standards, Personal Hygiene and Protection

At Blush , we set industry hygiene standards so that clients can be assured of receiving the safest treatment possible.

Hygiene is treated at utmost important and is taken seriously by all our therapists. Latex gloves are worn by our therapists and disposable spatulas are never double dipped. This hygiene practice would assure clients that any contamination in the wax pots are eliminated. All waxing equipments and tools are sterilized with hospital graded disinfectant and disposed after used. Towels are wash daily which allows our clients to be assured that the towel they use are fresh and clean.

In addition, clients are offered sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer to freshen up upon entering into our treatment rooms.

Blush believe that all ladies deserve to benefit from an expertly professional specialist.



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